Bed Bug Exterminator ChicagoFinding the right bed bug exterminator in Chicago will mean the difference between getting rid of your bed bugs and throwing your money out the window. Bed Bug Docs knows what it takes to exterminate your bed bugs the first time, so they won’t come back and pose a problem in the future.

Bed Bug Docs offers a single-day treatment without the use of chemicals or pesticides that kills bed bugs at every stage of their growth. You can request a free inspection of your home to determine the extent of the  problem and speak with a specialist from Bed Bug Docs about a solution. They know you want the bed bugs gone immediately- their patented ThermaPure Heat solution will get rid of bed bugs the first time- guaranteed.

If you’re like a lot of other homeowners with a bed bug problem, you’ve probably already tried other solutions, such as over-the-counter treatment kits, or you may have even contacted a service to come in to your home- only to find that the problem persists. As the premier bed bug exterminator in Chicago, Bed Bug Docs offers a revolutionary treatment process that is unlike anything else on the market today. Your results will be quick- and permanent.

The experts from Bed Bug Docs get rid of bed bugs from homes and commercial businesses with heat- a superior solution to even the worst infestations. Unlike traditional treatments that involve multiple treating over a period of several weeks, the patented process from the most trusted bed bug exterminator in Chicago forces heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, wall cavities, furniture, electronics and everything else in your home- completely harmless to your belongings, yet deadly to bed bugs.

Evenly-applied heat throughout your entire structure kills bed bugs where they are hiding- and that means everywhere. Bed Bug Docs can eradicate the entire population of bed bugs- eggs and adults- in a single treatment that is affordable and convenient.

Clients love that Bed Bug Docs can treat their home without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. Their green technology treatment uses odorless heat that is 100% safe for your home and family. ThermaHeat creates an environment that is lethal to bed bugs- it’s the perfect solution for homes with small children, infants, elderly or anyone who is health-conscious.

You can identify your pests as beg bugs by the following specifics- bed bugs:

– Are wingless, oval, flat and dark reddish brown
– Become engorged with blood after a meal and turn red
– Can endure freezing temps
– Feed anytime they are hungry- night or day
– Easily move between adjoining rooms
– Harbor in clusters at night time
– Hide in the day time in cracks, crevices, bed frames, behind baseboards and in mattress seams

Call the most trusted bed bug exterminator in Chicago at 855-433-6653 and let an expert from Bed Bug Docs take care of your bed bug problems once and for all. Request a free inspection of your home at the time of your call. Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago