Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago Cost
If you’re thinking about hiring a bed bug exterminator in Chicago but worry about the cost- set your mind at east. The Bed Bug Docs offer the most cost-effective bed bug solution on the market today, with patented ThermaPure heat treatment that eradicates even the worst infestations- once and for all.
If you’re experiencing an infestation of bed bugs, you know that they are particularly malicious. Bed bugs are different from all other household pests for many reasons, especially when it comes to treatment. Early detection is key in getting rid of them, and intervention is a must. Within a short amount of time, a small problem can turn into a difficult infestation that can interrupt your life.
At one time, bed bugs were considered a pest problem of the past, or even whispered about that they were an infestation among the untidy- neither one being true. Bed Bugs now live in every state in the US and cause problematic infestations wherever they are found. Since Bed Bugs feed on human blood, it is vital that they are eliminated from homes. The problem- finding a bed bug exterminator in Chicago that doesn’t cost a fortune.
Let’s take a look at the prominent features of the bed bug:
- Wingless, Dark Reddish-Brown, Oval and Flat
- Move Easily Between Adjoining Rooms
- Travel Approximately 3 Feet per Minute
- Found in Hotels, Apartments, Dorms, Ships, Airplanes
- Will Feed When Hungry (Day or Night)
- After a Blood Meal Body Becomes Enlarged and Turns Red
- Can Endure Freezing Temperatures
- The life span of a female is about 1 year she can lay up to 500 eggs and ultimately be responsible for 31,700 bugs!!!
Bedbugs are nocturnal and live in clusters, hiding in daytime cracks and crevices, bed frames, behind baseboards and mattress seams, making them difficult to locate. The areas where bedbugs live make it difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate them with chemical sprays, because they simply cannot penetrate into all the places where bedbugs are hiding. As well, chemicals are dangerous to use in home environments.
The only solution? Heat treatment from the Bed Bug Docs. No other bed bug exterminator in Chicago offers the low cost that Bed Bug Docs offers. Their patented ThermaPure heat treatment is proven to be effective in eradicating even the most stubborn bed bug infestations, and because it is a one day, one treatment solution, the cost is far less than hiring an exterminator that must keep coming back to your home week after week.
Thermal heat is the most effective method of eradication of pests- including bed bugs. Using heat is 100% green and the quickest, most cost-effective way to eliminate your home from bed bugs. Heat treatment is patented and guaranteed to exterminate bed bugs.
If you’d like to speak with an expert from the Bed Bug Docs, call 855-433-6653, and schedule a free home inspection to determine the best possible course of action to solve your problem. You can learn more about ThermaPure heat treatment for bed bugs when you visit online at Hire the best bed bug exterminator in Chicago- the one with the lowest overall cost, and be rid of bedbugs once and for all.
Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago Cost