Bed Bug Removal Chicago
You need bed bug removal from your Chicago home immediately. Bed Bug Docs understands, and is ready to solve the problem for you, with a one day, one treatment plan that will complete eradicate bedbugs from your home, affordably.
Few things are more distressing than dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home- especially when there are small children or elderly living there. Homeowners dealing with the problem of bedbugs typically try everything on the market only to discover that nothing works very well- and some products don’t work at all!
Bed Bug Docs in Chicago have the only proven method of bed bug removal for Chicago homes. Their patented ThermaPure heat treatment can completely eliminate all bedbugs and their eggs from your home- once and for all. They know you don’t want your home sprayed from top to bottom with harsh chemicals and pesticides that your family will have to breathe in- and you don’t have to.
Bed Bug Docs uses a superior solution that eliminates any infestation from any home with a single treatment! Unlike other treatments, ThermaPureHeat forces heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics (safely), wall cavities and all other places where bed bugs like to hide, leaving absolutely no place for them to go, and killing both live bedbugs and their eggs. This means that one call to Bed Bug Docs can take care of the entire bedbug population, including their eggs, in one single treatment that is safe for your family and your home.
Chemicals and pesticides do not provide adequate bed bug removal for Chicago homes. New heat treatment is a process so revolutionary- it’s been patented. This green treatment uses clean, dry, odorless heat, to create an environment that is lethal to biological organisms like bed bugs. Studies have proven that bed bugs have developed resistance to the pesticides used in mainstream treatments. They have yet to develop a resistance to the kill zone that heat provides.
What makes heat the best form of bed bug removal in Chicago? For one thing, heat treatment is the most cost-efficient way to eradicate bed bugs because it is a one day, single treatment. With chemicals, your exterminator must reapply week after week, charging for all of their time and product. Bed Bug Docs offer the most affordable method on the market.
Aside from being affordable- heat treatment is effective! In fact, nothing else has proven its effectiveness like ThermaPureHeat has. 
Bed bugs die at the consistent temperature of 120 degrees. Bed Bug Docs uses several high powered heaters and high volume air movers to heat your home to a temperature that is safe for your home possessions, but will effectively kill bedbugs and their eggs. This high temperature is maintained for 4-5 hours and will effectively penetrate all crevices and cracks, furniture and hard to reach places where bed bugs may be hiding. With eggs eradicated, bed bugs can’t come back.  
Call the trusted company that provides successful bed bug removal in Chicago. Let the experts from the Bed Bug Docs take care of your bedbug infestation, so they’ll be gone for good!
Bed Bug Removal Chicago