Bed Bugs Heat TreatmentIf you’ve tried in vain to rid your home of bed bugs and are at your wits’ end, consider the revolutionary new patented bed bugs heat treatment available from Bed Bug Docs. Bed bugs can be almost impossible to exterminate through traditional treatments, like the use of chemicals, pesticides or other poisons placed throughout the home. If you’re looking for a better treatment, call Bed Bug Docs.

If you’ve recently discovered bed bugs in the seams of your mattress- or worse, enjoying a meal at your expense, Bed Bug Docs can get a handle on the situation for you and get rid of your problem affordably and quickly with their ThermaHeat procedure that kills bed bugs where they hide and live. Chemicals rarely ever work- and when they do, it’s usually for a short amount of time and typically not long enough to stop the life cycle of the bed bug.

ThermaHeat kills adults and their eggs, completely eradicating them from your premises with a one-time treatment that is guaranteed to solve the problem. Even if you have bed bugs living in your furniture, bedding or in places like behind your baseboards or in your walls, ThermaHeat will seek them out and create an environment that is lethal. Bed bugs simply cannot survive the heat treatment.

Forget about using harmful chemicals and pesticides in your home or commercial building- it’s just not worth the risks involved of using toxins to try and control your pest population. Chemicals are dangerous to use and should never be used in areas where small children live or spend time. Schools, nursing homes, hospitals and family homes should stay clear of using any treatment that is not as 100% safe as ThermaHeat.

Bed Bug Docs is the only firm in all of Chicago that is licensed to use ThermaPure to exterminate bed bugs. In fact, their professional exterminators have helped thousands of clients throughout the greater Chicago area take back their living spaces using the ThermaPure heat treatment.

Call 855-433-6653 today for a free home inspection to determine the extent of your problem. Since each infestation brings a unique set of issues to the table, no two homes are handled in the same way, which is why Bed Bug Docs offers a no-cost inspection of your home to provide you with a quote. You’ll find their bed bugs heat treatment to be among the most affordable options available today, and one that is guaranteed to work for you with a single treatment.

Since a single female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, it is essential to procure swift extermination. Call the pros from Bed Bug Docs at the first sign of bed bugs in your home, hotel, or commercial building. Hire the only Chicago-licensed firm that is able to provide you with patented ThermaPure bed bugs heat treatment- your one-time solution to bed bugs, so you can sleep again with the lights out.