Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Chicago
Have you heard about the most popular bed bugs heat treatment in Chicago? Bed Bug Docs offers the only proven solution to eradicate bed bugs- and it’s heat!
Patented heat treatment kills bed bugs and their eggs that they leave behind. No other treatment on the market is able to do that as effectively and as cost-efficiently. Best of all, using heat treatment is 100% green, as opposed to chemicals being sprayed throughout the home week after week, with little effect if any at all.
Experts agree that controlled heating is the most effective method of pest eradication, conducted with the proper delivery, it is effective in a single treatment. It’s interesting to note that the traditional chemical exterminators have not been successful in stopping the global onslaught of infestations, from a pest that was once considered to be a problem of the past. Bed bugs are now in every state in the US, in every major city, in every town and in many homes that are otherwise clean and tidy.
The bed bugs heat treatment for Chicago homes is also far safer than chemical sprays that can penetrate into furnishings and bedding in the home. There are no long-term studies out to show what type of damage this does to your body. Heat treatment is completely safe, and therefore is the ideal solution for bed bug infestations in places where chemicals are not a good option- such as hospitals, health care facilities and schools, not to mention your home.
The ThermaPure heat treatment has been independently testes and proven to be an effective heat treatment for the complete eradication of bedbugs. So then, now that we know about it’s effectiveness, let’s take a look at what ThermaPure actually is, and does.
The patented process of ThermaPureHeat is the engineered application of heat, applied to a building and all of its contents for the single purpose of eradicating a pest problem, in this case, bed bugs. First, high powered air movers are strategically placed throughout the home to cause aggressive air movement throughout each affected area, and because heat is able to generate aerosols, filtration of the treated area is essential.
Heat levels are raised to the ‘kill zone’. Sensing devices for temperatures digitally relay the interior conditions back to technicians, who monitor them closely. This gives technicians the ability to determine when the kill temperature has been reached. There is no other technology on the market today that provides this type of confirmation on every single job, that the treatment has proven to be successful. Bed Bugs heat treatment in your Chicago home will eliminate the problem, for good.
Since bed bugs die at 120 degrees, ThermaPure heat raises the temperature until all bed bugs in your home are dead, and maintains that temperature for 4-5 hours to ensure that bedbugs and their eggs are completely destroyed. This low temperature will not damage electronic equipment.
You can be sure when you call the Bed Bug Docs that they are able to handle your bed bug problem- regardless of the size of the infestation. Call today, at 855-433-6653, and let the experts from Bed Bug Docs come to your home and provide a free inspection to determine the best course of action. You’ll be glad you called the professionals- and your bed bugs will be gone- forever.
Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Chicago