Bed Bugs At Your Schaumburg, Illinois Home? Learn What To Do

A Guide On Bed Bugs, Their Habits, And Their Weaknesses

Bedbug or bed bug concept as a parasitic insect pest resting on a pillow under the sheets as a symbol and metaphor for the danger of a bloodsucking parasite living inside your mattress.Bedbugs are an annoying pest, and unfortunately, there is no city or state immune to them.  Schaumburg IL is no different.  These bed bugs live on the blood of creatures or people, their bodies eventually swelling and turning into a dark red color. Bedbugs do not fly but can take appropriate steps to swiftly move over various surfaces. Female bedbugs will many eggs; each of which is about the dimension a speck of dirt.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From - And Why Won't They Leave?

Common bed bugs are one of the oldest types of parasitic insects to make a living by attaching themselves to humans. These little, reddish-brown crawlers are incredibly fond of warm, cushioned spaces, such as mattresses, pillows, and curtain drapes. As they feed on human blood, they are particularly likely to nest in beds or bed boxes, where the mattress provides a comfortable place to hide and sheets make for a convenient nest for new eggs.

Just 25 years ago, bed bugs were considered to be on their way to extinction in developed countries. However, a new strain of pesticide-resistant bugs made most bed bug exterminating procedures ineffective, which has led to an aggressive comeback.

Their quick reproduction and ability to establish a new colony with just a few starting eggs make them a pest to be wary of in addition to their impressive physical resilience. They can resist temperatures as low as 14º F, as well as low humidity, for an extended period of time.

Before the arrival of high-tech bed bug removal methods, such as heat treatment, the best shot for any homeowner was to prevent their arrival altogether.

How Bedbugs enter and where they live

Bed Bug AnatomyThe bed bugs may enter your house unnoticed through baggage, clothing, used beds and sofas, and other items. Their compressed bodies make it possible for them to fit into tiny areas. Bed bugs do not have nests like bugs or bees but tend to reside in groups in concealed locations. Their initial concealing locations are typically in beds, box rises, bed supports, and bed headboards where they have easy access to humans.

Over time they may distribute through the bedroom, moving into crevices or secured location.  You are as likely to discover them in professionally cleaned homes, hotels, resorts, etc. Bed bugs are energetic mainly in the twilight and habitually, bite individuals whilst they are resting.

They feed by biting your epidermis layer and receiving blood through a stretched out beak. The bugs will leave after consuming blood, usually 3 to 10 minutes later. The majority of bed bug attacks are pain free at first but you will notice scratchy welts. Compared with flea attacks that are for the most part around the legs, bed bug attacks are on any area of epidermis revealed while resting. In addition the attacks do not have a red spot in the center like flea attacks do. Those who don't understand they have a bed bug attack may characteristic the itchiness and welts to other causes, such as nasty flying bugs. To bear out bed bug attacks, you must determine and get the bugs themselves.

Preventing Bed Bug Infestations: Easier Said Than Done

Although once associated to overcrowded environments or conditions of squalor, the new resistant bed bugs can lurk in many unsuspecting places, such as laundromats or gyms. Some classic strategies to avoid bed bugs include:

  • Have second-hand furniture thoroughly inspected before bringing it home
  • Use plastic covers on box springs to make them easier to spot and to prevent their spread
  • If using public or shared laundry facilities, carry laundry home directly after drying instead of folding it on-site
  • Vacuum the home often, with special attention to nooks and crannies
  • Keep the bedroom free of clutter to make them easier to spot

Despite taking these precautions, even the most cautious family may find the need to hire a professional bed bug exterminator.

Bed Bug Exterminator Schaumburg Cost

Bed bug removal methods involve killing every single bug and egg as this is the only way to keep the bugs from reappearing in just a couple of weeks. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by boiling sheets, cushion covers, and curtains - although bigger pieces such as couches or mattresses would need to be discarded.

After the onset of modern pesticides, bed bugs were believed to be become a thing of the past. However, the little creepers have acquired resistance to these pesticides, leading to the use of even stronger, and more toxic, chemical agents. While most bed bug treatments nowadays are E.P.A.-approved, the strongest variants are too new for us to truly know their long-term effects, and they carry too much of a risk once kids or pregnant women are added into the picture.

The latest advances in bed bug removal are being made with heat treatment, which aims to bring bed bugs beyond their thermal death point. It has long been known that bed bugs cannot resist temperatures above 115º F for long, but with their fondness for deep cushions, can this be done at home without setting the entire house on fire?

Heat Treatments Against Bed Bugs - Can It Be Done?

The short answer is yes. The new ThermaPureHeat patented system is a new technology that has provided a breakthrough bed bug treatment method. This system forces heat into every corner of the house where bed bugs may hide - from cracks in the closet door to the deep depths of a box spring.

In just one session, lasting only a few hours, bed bugs will be gone for good, allowing for clean surfaces and a new-found peace of mind without having to get rid of your furniture or bedding.

Homeowners or residents in Schaumburg, IL looking for a chemical-free, safe, and efficient bed bug exterminator can call 1-855-433-6653 for a quote or request a free consultation visit online.

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