Extensive Classroom Training

Extensive Classroom Training

Patented Heat Treatment

Practical On-the-Job Training—Learning to Protect Heat Sensitive Items

About Bed Bug Docs

Bed Bug Docs is your locally owned and professionally operated service provider specializing in bed bug eradication.  We are the only fully certified ThermaPureHeat licensee in Illinois, Northern Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

ThermaPureHeat provides Certification for both technicians and service providers applying the technology. ThermaPureHeat Certification demonstrates a commitment on the part of the individual and the company to meeting the rigorous standards of performance required to successfully apply high temperature restoration, remediation and pest eradication to structures, portions of structures or contents.

ThermaPureHeat Technicians have been trained in the physics of heat applications. They understand which materials may be damaged at specific temperatures and how to protect these items. They are experienced in delivering uniform target temperature in a variety of structures with differing construction. They are well versed in the various types of equipment used to deliver and distribute heat, to monitor temperatures, and to protect structures and contents from damage. They have also received health and safety training to provide worker protection in a high temperature environment. Additionally, convective heat applications create significant amounts of aerosol and workers are trained in the use of filtration and engineering controls to protect themselves and other occupants of the structure.

Why Bed Bug Docs is the 
Complete Solution for your needs.

Professional Service
Led by our experienced, professional staff, Bed Bug Docs will satisfy your needs no matter how large or small your infestation. We provide expert advice and comprehensive work which results in 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus
Whether you are a home owner or a renter or a landlord who suspects your property has bed bugs, call us to discuss your situation. Schedule a free inspection right away…quick action can save substantial time and expense. Bed Bug Docs will define the treatment based on Integrated Pest Management protocol; define the scope of work and provide you a written estimate to remediate the affected areas.  Our experienced staff will take the time to make sure all questions are answered to your satisfaction.

License Bonded Insured
We carry complete insurance including general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. We are a licensed Commercial Structural Pest Control business and bonded.

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