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In a recent article posted on line by BBC, bed bugs are developing resistance to insecticides.

According to researchers, bed bugs have shown an amazing ability to develop their immune systems and are now much more resistant to the most commonly used insecticides. In studies, it took concentrations 1,000 greater than for non-resistant creature to eliminate the bed bugs.

Since the ban of DDT and other powerful insecticides in the 1970’s, bed bugs have developed resistance to the current class of insecticides – neonicotinoids and pyrethroids. Scientists have tried to bolster the impact by combining these two classes. However, according to scientists, the combined insecticides which are used in agriculture may be having a harmful effect on bees and other wildlife.

Scientists are now advocating non-chemical methods such as heat to eliminate bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs Develop Resistance To Insecticides