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Patented Heat Treatment

by ebizuniverse

“A few days ago, I found myself standing naked in a friend’s back yard, having just thrown away most of my personal possessions, wondering where my life went wrong. How, you may ask, did I arrive at such an amusing, pathetic state? The answer comes in one work that’s sure to send a shiver down many spines: Bedbugs.” So wrote Noah Smith in an article published by the Chicago Tribune in print on March 1, 2016 and on line on February 26, 2016.

Mr. Smith goes on to explain he “got” the bed bugs at hotel room that happened to be infested.

Bed bugs are quite small and difficult to detect unless you are trained to do so. Most people don’t react to the bites, so you may not know you have them for some time. They avoid sunlight and noise and generally only emerge at night to feed on their victim’s blood, attracted by the carbon dioxide humans exhale and their body heat.

Further, Mr. Smith writes, beg bugs are “the hardy survivors of millennia of eradication efforts, and evolution has made them some of the toughest little critters on the planet. Even the mighty cockroach could learn a thing or two about survival from these guys.”

As a result of the resistance to the recent classes of pesticides, chemical weapons are becoming less and less effective forcing us to pursue low tech solutions. Heat is now considered by experts to be the most effective method to eliminate bed bugs.

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