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Chemical Free Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is the Safe Extermination Alternative

Finding bedbugs on pillows, bedding, and in mattresses is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It is widely known that these fast spreading creatures are difficult to get rid of and can create a lot of costly damage. The homeowner may have to replace several items or reupholster furniture in order to completely rid the home of bedbugs, and even this is no guarantee that the insects and their eggs are completely gone. A homeowner will turn to professionals and in most cases this means tenting, chemical treatment, and possible further damage that the exterminator won’t pay for. Bed bug heat treatment eliminates this step by using a safer method that requires less time to complete and is much more likely to rid the home of the infestation for good.

Local Availability

A bed bug exterminator is someone that a homeowner must find quickly and this company must be experienced and efficient. The problem needs to be handled by the experts and learning the availability of these professionals can be a bit of a hassle. As a precaution, homeowners should vet exterminators when they first purchase a home and look for a service that offers bed bug heat treatment instead of chemical treatment to get rid of bed bugs if and when they infest the home.

The Importance of Swift Extermination

Some types of insect infestation will destroy the structural integrity of a home if not taken care of quickly but a bed bug infestation is worse because the bugs live on people and animals. They can cause rashes, ugly red welts like mosquito bites, and if they’re not taken care of immediately, they will reproduce. One female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs so the infestation will spread quickly. This is why a bed bug exterminator should be called at the first sign bed bugs are present in the home.

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The Benefits of Heat Treatment

Bed bug treatment can be tricky and deciding on which method to go with isn’t always easy especially with the emphasis on living and cleaning green. This is where bed bug heat treatment is more desirable as it is a completely green way to exterminate the insects and take care of the infestation quickly. Homeowners will be able to see the problem gone within a one-day treatment instead of tenting for days while chemicals disperse and then dissipate. Also, this type of bed bug treatment can get into furniture, walls, and other places that are usually hard to reach so the homeowner won’t have to replace as many items.

Call Bed Bug Treatment Professionals

When hearing about no chemical treatments and using bed bug heat treatment to get rid of an infestation, the temptation to attempt a DIY method is great. However, it’s not a good idea for homeowners to attempt to use heat to exterminate bed bugs on their own. The professionals use a targeted treatment that distributes heat evenly and the average homeowner won’t be able to do this effectively and can even cause severe injury to themselves or others. Contact the bed bug exterminator professionals at to learn more about this treatment and how it can benefit homeowners if and when a bed bug infestation occurs.

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